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From The Principal’s Desk Dear Fransalians,

Faith in God.’ ‘Concern for the welfare of others,’ and where education is concerned ‘Education of the Human Heart.’ These have formed the foundation upon which the Fransalian Mission has set its goals.Out of this came ‘knowledge, service, charity,’ which is not only the motto of this school but the firm goals it has set for itself.

The objective of the Education imparted must be such that it helps a child to know himself, to discover his talent, to accept his limitations and be creative in his own individual way.
This process must help a child to develop the ability to relate and reach out to others.

Fr. B. Anthony Amaladoss
Principal, St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School

Our Founder MSFS Congregation

An embodiment of rare qualities of the head and the heart, Servant of God Fr. Peter Marie Mermier is one of the most beloved saintly persons of his time. His surrender to the will of God reaffirms one's faith, trust and devotion in the supreme. His prophetic vision sparked off profound changes in the education system. He firmly believed in heart centered learning where a learner's dignity is at the core. He lived a life worth emulating, offering a roadmap for a restorative inner life and a harmonious outer life for all sentient beings.

Fr. Peter Marie Mermier (Servant of God)

St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi