St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi




St. Francis de sales School, Founded by Fr. Thomas Thoomkuzhy was established on 10th April 1978. The foundation stone for the building was laid on 09-07-1977 by Hon Shri Sikandar Bhakt, the then Union Minister for Works and Housing. The foundation stone was blessed by his Excellaency Rt. Rev. Dr. Luciano Storero the then Apostolic Pronuncio to india.

The school, when it started functioning on 10th April, had 117 students and had a humble beginning in tents. The high school (9-10) began in the year 1982-83 and the first batch of 61 students appeared for their 10th class Board exams in 1983 – 84. The school was upgraded to Senior Secondary (11-12) the same year.

St. Francis de Sales Senior Secondary School is an unaided recognized Christian minority private institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. As a catholic school, we are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from the earliest stages but also for the formation of character by inculcating sound moral principles.

The dynamic guidance has been provided by the pillars of strength

  1. - FR. AGNELO FERNANDES – 1978-1983
  2. - FR. JOSEPH POTTEMMEL – 1983-1985
  3. - FR. A.M SEBASTIAN – 10/04/1985 – 02/04/1991
  4. - FR. MATHEW THAYIL – 03/04/1991 – 02/04/1994
  5. - FR. JOSEPH T.P – 03/04/1994 – 30/04/2001
  6. - FR. JACOB KARAMAKUZHYIL – 01/05/2001 – 08/07/2008
  7. - FR. MELROY ALMEIDA – 09/07/2008 – 10/07/2012
  8. - FR. ANIL GEORGE – 11/07/2012  – 03/07/2018
  9. - FR. B. ANTHONY AMALADOSS  – 04/07/2018 ONWARDS


The Congregation of Fransalians a body of Priests and brothers was founded at Annecy in France. The motherhouse of Fransalians is still at Annecy. Fr. Peter Marie Mermier (1790-1862) founded the congregation of missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) in 1838 to bring about the renewal of Christian life, to evangelise people and to educate the youth. Since then, the congregation has been engaged in three main forms of apostolate Parish mission, foreign mission and the education of the young. The first batch of MSFS landed in Pondicherry on 8th September 1845. The congregation entrusted the vicariate of Visakhapatnam to MSFS on 2nd May 1848. It became a Province in 1965 and Nagpur was bifurcated and made into another province in the same year, ie. 1965. The confreres in France and Switzerland were directly under the Superior General till 1959. It became a region in 1960 and a province in 1965 similarly England and Brazil also became Province in 1965. East Africa became Province in 1996. Pune Province was carved out of erst while Maharashtra, Goa Province in 1996. Thus the congregation became empowered and has today 9 Major Provinces, and 4 effective missions



His missionary zeal coupled with exceptional farsightedness and adeptness to imbibe the invariably transforming global scenario, not only gave St. Francis de Sales School a strong foundation but also proved instrumental in catapulting this first co-ed missionary school of Formal and Non-Formal education of the capital, to glorious heights in a very short span of time. Born on 8.7.1941, Fr Thomas completed his early education in the state of Kerala. After attaining his first profession with the missionaries of St. Francis De Sales (Fransalians) on 8.5.1963, he was ordained a priest on 15.03.1970.

The year 1975 brought him to the capital city of India to initiate the challenging task of establishing a missionary school. The task was uphill, the hurdles ever-surmounting, but the selfless dedication of this taskmaster of exceptional velour bore fruit when the glorious journey of this temple of ‘Knowledge, Service, Charity’ began on 9.7.1977.

Patron Saint - St. Francis de Sales

Let us be what we are,and let us be it well” – St. Francis de Sales.


St. Francis de Sales, a saint of the Catholic Church, born on 21st August 1567, at Thorens near Annecy, France, is the patron of Saint of the Congregation of fransalians. He was ordained a priest on the 18th of December 1593 and was consecrated as a Bishop in 1602. Francis was a pioneer missionary to publish the printed word of God. In 1608 , he published the “Introduction to devout life” and the “Treatise on the love of God” in 1616. He was beatified in 1661 and cannonised in 1665. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him Doctor of the Church in 1877.

He was a dynamic pastor, about a dozen missionary congregations hail the name of this spiritual genius by following his principles and practicing his virtues of patience, gentleness courage, spirit of poverty, self sacrifice etc.

Francis was a man of prayer and he conquered all by his gentle-manliness. Once St. Jane de Chantal asked whether he ever went for any length of time without actually and explicitly turning his mind to God and he said, “Sometimes for as long as about a quarter of an hour”. If we too could be like him!



Fr. Peter Marie Mermier is the founder of the religious body of priests, and brothers (the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales) who run St. Francis de Sales School at Janakpuri, New Delhi. Fr. Mermier was born on August 28, 1790 and baptized on the same day in the church of Chaumont, a village lying between Annecy & Geneva. He was extremely kind yet very firm,prudent but unusually bold, and intensely active. He led a deeply prayerful life with humility which comes only to those who possess divine strength. Through him the Lord was able to lay the foundation of 2 congregations – the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales of Annecy and the Daughters of the Cross of Chavanod. They are propagating his mission zealously with full conviction.

We do a lot by doing a little, if we do it for God and as he wills” (Fr. Peter Marie Mermier)


The Fransalian Educational policy draws inspiration from the Gospels, teachings of the church, patron St. Francis de Sales and the founder Fr. Peter Marie Mermier. The Fransalians have also been guided by the report “A Pastoral plan for Catholic Schools”, and “The National Policy on Education”, visualizing the need of the hour and the changing modern trends in educational philosophy “The Preamble” on educational policy is formulated that emphasizes the following –


  • > To ensure proper co-ordination in the training of students at various stages.
  • > To develop better understanding of the students needs.
  • > To inculcate scientific temper, and an analytical mind, to analyse and evaluate one´s performance.
  • > To strengthen the fundamental principles and gospel values in the educators.
  • > To promote the forces of integration, secularism and democracy.
  • > To uphold justice, liberty and fraternity despite all social economic and cultural differences prevailing in society.
  • > To aim at developing an integrated all round personality of a child who is healthy in mind and sound in body, and possesses a strong moral character. The following aspects are to be integrated and emphasized by the Fransalians.


    1. # Spiritual growth
    2. # Physical growth
    3. # Emotional growth
    4. # Pursuit of virtues
    5. # Develop creativity
    6. # Develop intellectual ability


Faith in God.’ ‘Concern for the welfare of others,’ and where education is concerned ‘Education of the Human Heart.’ These have formed the foundation upon which the Fransalian Mission has set its goals.Out of this came ‘knowledge, service, charity,’ which is not only the motto of this school but the firm goals it has set for itself.

For the students who enter the portals of St. Francis de Sales School, knowledge attained must develop a humane attitude in them. The skills acquired must not only spell success to them, but also lead them to offer their service for the betterment of the society. In this, they do charity to their fellow beings, leading to a communion with God.

The objective of the Education imparted must be such that it helps a child to know himself, to discover his talent, to accept his limitations and be creative in his own individual way.

This process must help a child to develop the ability to relate and reach out to others.

Keeping the spirit of the Indian Constitution in mind, the school aims to develop a secular attitude with a multicultural outlook and respect for all religions.




St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi