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At SFS, we're dedicated to providing our students with top-tier educational tools and methodologies. One of our standout features is the integration of Smart Boards in our classrooms. Our commitment is to blend traditional teaching methods with the latest technological advancements to ensure an interactive and comprehensive learning environment.

Benefits of Using Smart Boards at SFS:

Interactive Learning: Students can touch, draw, and interact with the lessons, ensuring active participation and engagement.

Multimedia Integration: Videos, graphics, and sounds can be easily integrated into lessons, catering to different learning styles.

Easy to Update: Teachers can swiftly modify and update lessons based on class needs or the latest educational content.

Enhanced Visual Learning: With high-resolution displays, students can clearly see detailed diagrams, charts, and videos, leading to better comprehension.

Saves Resources: With the digital interface, there's a reduced need for physical papers and markers, thus being environmentally friendly.

Connectivity: Smart Boards can connect to the internet, enabling real-time information retrieval and global collaboration projects.

At SFS, our mission is to provide a holistic and state-of-the-art education. The integration of Smart Boards in our classrooms is a testament to our dedication to this mission. We believe in not just teaching but engaging, inspiring, and empowering our students.


At SFS, the Physics lab is inspired by the pioneering methods of Sir Isaac Newton. His revolutionary approach to science, which combines predictions, experiments, and hypotheses, is the foundation of our laboratory practices. Our lab is spacious, accommodating up to 25 students at a time, ensuring each student has ample space to conduct experiments with precision.

Students in our lab learn not just the theoretical aspects of physics, but also the hands-on skills required to manipulate materials, utilize tools, and operate under-current instruments. They are taught to keenly observe, accurately record, and rationally defend their findings. Furthermore, the lab promotes an environment where students can engage in informal discussions, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration.

In high school, the Physics lab plays a crucial role as students must develop their own grasp of the subject. This understanding isn't merely passed down from a teacher; it's built through direct interaction with the laws of nature, machinery, and various mechanisms. Our curriculum ensures that lab activities are seamlessly integrated into the learning process, making experiments an integral part of their physics education. This hands-on approach ensures that students experience meaningful and lasting learning.


At SFS, the Chemistry lab is designed to serve both middle school and senior secondary students who choose the science stream. Strategically positioned on the ground floor for easy access and away from regular classrooms, our lab is fully equipped, organized, and compliant with CBSE standards.

It boasts a wide range of apparatus, chemicals, and reagents to facilitate diverse experiments. Regular activities include salt and volumetric analysis, synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds, and detection of specific elements, among others. For improved safety and efficiency, we've transitioned from LPG to IGL gas supply.

Safety is our paramount concern. The lab features an efficient ventilation system, complete with exhaust devices to ensure a healthy environment. Additionally, fume cupboards are utilized when handling potentially hazardous or explosive substances. All students are mandated to wear lab coats during experiments, and we regularly inspect our safety equipment and first-aid provisions to ensure they're up to the mark.

Furthermore, our laboratory is illuminated adequately, and it includes sufficient water points, crucial for smooth operations and safety precautions. In essence, our Chemistry lab is a sanctuary where students delve into the wonders of science under the safest conditions.


At SFS, our Biology lab is meticulously designed to ensure an optimum learning environment. With the capacity to host 20 students simultaneously, the space promotes hands-on learning without feeling crowded. We pride ourselves on equipping the lab with 20 high-resolution compound microscopes and an additional 10 dissection microscopes. This ensures that every student has individual access to a microscope during their experiments.

In line with CBSE standards, our lab is fully stocked with essential specimens, reagents, stains, and glassware. A highlight of our lab is the human skeleton specimen, aiding in in-depth anatomical studies. Furthermore, the lab's airy ambiance and ample lighting ensure students can easily adjust and focus their microscopes, enhancing their observational skills. In essence, our Biology lab offers students the ideal environment to delve into the intricate wonders of life science.


Our school proudly houses two cutting-edge multimedia labs, catering to students across primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels. Our educators are adept at leveraging these state-of-the-art resources, designing compelling audio-visual content and managing academic results.

The labs serve as a dynamic platform for our students, enabling them to hone their programming abilities and gain practical experience in various computer applications. For our senior students, those in the science stream can choose 'Computer Science' (083) for the CBSE Board examination.

Our youngest learners, from classes 1 to 3, get acquainted with the digital world through MS Paint and basic word processing. Those in classes 4 and 5 dive into MS-LOGO programming and MS-PowerPoint presentations. Meanwhile, students from classes 6 to 8 are introduced to Visual Basic software and MS-Office applications.

In essence, our multimedia labs serve as hubs of technological learning and innovation for the entire school community.


The year 2003 witnessed the inauguration of the Language Laboratory in St. Francis De Sales School. Two Laboratories, both for Primary and Secondary sections, were set up.

The inception of this innovative concept was done with a view to encourage the correct usage of the English language. With the growing importance of English language in the global scenario the students need to be equipped and empowered with it. Our fully equipped language laboratory provides the students with a different learning experience, motivates them to use the language thereby enhancing their grasp of the language.

Besides pronunciation practice and vocabulary enrichment, students are encouraged to express themselves freely with the help of activities like debates, speech delivery, group discussion, documentary presentation and so on. Furthermore a light atmosphere prevails in the class room whenever ‘fun’ activities are conducted like Tongue –Twisters, language learning games, active – video viewing and radio jockey shows. The language lab has brought about a remarkable effect on the students. So much so that some of them actually look forward to sharpening their communication skills. The coming year envisages a lot more in the curriculum of the lab, from writing poetry, speech delivery to preparing a presentation and much more.

The final aim is the development of a multi-faceted personality.


Our school boasts a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned Audio Visual and Interactive room. This modern facility is designed to immerse students in a rich audio-visual-multimedia environment, enhancing their understanding of concepts and allowing them to visualize lessons in vivid detail and even in 3D.

Subject-related content comes to life on the large screen in the AV room. Here, students witness instructional videos, movies, and other multimedia materials that complement their classroom learning. Moreover, it serves as an ideal platform for showcasing presentations and projects, especially those centered on subjects like Economics or environmental issues. The interactive nature of the room encourages discussions, fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere. In essence, our AV room is not just a space but a dynamic learning experience.


In our school's Maths lab, students actively engage in hands-on experiments, bringing fundamental geometric concepts to life. Through activities such as cutting and pasting diverse geometric shapes, they explore and validate properties of triangles, circle-related theorems, and more. This interactive approach ensures a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beauty of mathematics. Join us in our lab where math is experienced, not just learned!


Our school library boasts an impressive collection of 23,300 non-textbook titles, encompassing encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. In our commitment to staying updated, we currently subscribe to sixty diverse periodicals, ensuring our students have access to the latest information.

  • Scheduled Library Periods: Students from classes IV to XII benefit from dedicated weekly library periods. During this time:

    • Classes IV students can enjoy reading within the library premises.
    • Classes V to X can borrow one book, which they can keep for up to a week.
    • Senior students from classes XI and XII have the privilege of borrowing up to two books at a time.
  • Reference Materials: We prioritize in-library use of certain resources to ensure availability for all. Hence, reference books, magazines, and newspapers are generally reserved for in-library reading.

  • Facilities for Teachers: Our educators have the liberty to borrow both books and magazines from the library. This aids them in curating lessons and broadening their knowledge spectrum.

  • Junior Library: Catering to our youngest scholars, the junior library is exclusively reserved for students from classes I to III, ensuring they have a space tailored to their unique needs.

Join us in celebrating the world of books and the continuous journey of learning!


It is the language of Engineers. Drawing is the representation of thought of an engineer on a paper through the use of lines and curves. The most important reason for teaching of Engg. Graphics is its extensive use in field of technology, designing, engineering etc. Engg. Graphics is the universal language of engineers which depicts their ideas about an object and its translation into real life.

Creating an interest in the subject will help learners to express their ideas with skills and ability. Accuracy and speed in understanding and drawing also plays an important role.

This subject increases the creative power of a student which helps him/her to develop things and create new objects. An engineer is expected to have skills in the fields of imagination, drawing and reading of drawing which is also termed as interpretation. This develops the thinking capacity of the engineer and helps in generating new ideas in other fields also. The subject makes the student understand how the technical information is communicated to the industry.


Our school has a health centre. At this centre we provide health care, health education and medical check-up for every student including students of Primary. This centre has a senior Doctor and a Nurse catering to students during school timings. We have three beds, a wheel chair, a nebulizer and have basic medicines for first-aid. In case of any serious health problem, the student is taken to the nearest hospital and the parents are intimated.

The School Clinic is well-equipped and well-looked after by qualified doctor and a nurse. The doctor and nurse are available on all working days from 7.40 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. A periodical check-up is done of every student and a record maintained. The parents will be informed if the doctor prescribes special medical attention for their child I ward. Follow-up treatment on the doctor's report is necessary for the betterment of the child. Parents are expected to take the doctors advice seriously.

St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi