St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi



Newton won a stunning victory for the intellect and democratization of science. His program firmly established methods of physics where predictions, experiments, hypothesis are validated in a lab. We, at SFS, follow his principles. Our Physics lab is well designed, spacious enough to accommodate around 25 students so that they acquire skill and confidence in their measurement with accuracy. Manipulation of materials, tools, u/c instruments, description of observations, ability to rationally defend their conclusions, reporting observations are learnt along with informal discussions in the lab. The role of physics lab is central in high school physics since the students must construct their own understanding of physics. This knowledge cannot be simply transmitted by the teacher but must be developed by the students in their interactions with natural processes, man-made machines and mechanisms. Meaningful learning occurs when lab activities are well- integrated into the learning sequence and experiments.


Our Chemistry lab caters to the needs of middle school as well as senior secondary school students who opt for sciences. Located strategically on the ground floor away from the class rooms, our lab is well equipped and systematic with all the apparatus chemicals and reagents required for the smooth conduct of various experiments as per CBSE guidelines. Experiments like salt analysis, volumetric analysis, preparation of organic and inorganic compounds, extra element detection etc. are some of the most regularly performed experiments in the lab. Our lab has an efficient ventilation system with properly fitted exhaust devices. Recently, IGL gas supply replaced the LPG gas supply to enhance the lab’s efficiency. To ensure the safety of the students and laboratory personnel, chemical hoods or fume cupboards are used whenever hazardous or explosive chemicals are dealt with. Our students are strictly instructed to wear lab coats while working in the lab. Regular inspection of safety and first –aid equipment is conducted in our school. Our lab is well- lit and has adequate number of water points which are essential for its smooth and safe functioning. All in all, our lab is a place where students learn and discover the mysteries of science in the safest possible way.


At SFS, we have a well laid out Biology lab. It can accommodate about 20 students at a time to comfortably conduct experiments. About 20 high resolution compound microscopes and about 10 dissection microscopes help facilitate the students’ learning. Each child has an access to a microscope. The Biology laboratory is fully equipped with all the specimens, reagents, stains, glassware and other items as per the CBSE norms and requirements. The Biology laboratory also has a human skeleton as a specimen. It’s airy and well – lit which makes it easy for students to focus their microscopes.


The school has two state-of-the-art multi-media labs. These are meant for students of primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. All the teachers are well trained to utilize these resources in an effective manner. They prepare their audio & visual aids and use these computers for result preparation. The students use the labs to develop their programming skill and to gain hands-on-experience in computer applications. Students of the science stream of classes 11 and 12 can opt for ‘Computer Science’ (083) and those in the Commerce stream for ‘Informatics’ Practices’ (065) as an elective subject for CBSE Board examination. Students of class 1 to 3 are learning MS Paint and Word Processing applications. Classes 4 and 5 take up MS-LOGO programming and MS-PowerPoint softwares. Classes 6 to 8 learn programming through Visual Basic software as well as MS- Office. The School Administration maintains a computer network connecting offices of the Principal, the Vice-Principal, heads of various departments, the library and the office secretary.


The year 2003 witnessed the inauguration of the Language Laboratory in St. Francis De Sales School. Two Laboratories, both for Primary and Secondary sections, were set up.

The inception of this innovative concept was done with a view to encourage the correct usage of the English language. With the growing importance of English language in the global scenario the students need to be equipped and empowered with it. Our fully equipped language laboratory provides the students with a different learning experience, motivates them to use the language thereby enhancing their grasp of the language.

Besides pronunciation practice and vocabulary enrichment, students are encouraged to express themselves freely with the help of activities like debates, speech delivery, group discussion, documentary presentation and so on. Furthermore a light atmosphere prevails in the class room whenever ‘fun’ activities are conducted like Tongue –Twisters, language learning games, active – video viewing and radio jockey shows. The language lab has brought about a remarkable effect on the students. So much so that some of them actually look forward to sharpening their communication skills. The coming year envisages a lot more in the curriculum of the lab, from writing poetry, speech delivery to preparing a presentation and much more.

The final aim is the development of a multi-faceted personality.


Our school has a well-equipped air conditioned Audio Visual and Interactive room. The main purpose of this facility is to provide audio – visual – multimedia experience to the students which enables them to remember concepts & lessons clearly/in 3D.

Content related to their subjects is demonstrated through videos and movies on the big screen in the AV room. Presentations, projects in Economics, environment related issues can be viewed and discussed.


In the Maths lab, students experiment and verify the basic geometrical concept, properties of triangles, theorems related to circles etc. by cutting and pasting different geometrical shapes.


Our school library has a collection of 23,300 books other than text books. This includes encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases. At present we subscribe to sixty periodicals. Students from classes IV – XII have weekly library periods. During these library periods they are allowed to issue books. Classes V to X are allowed to issue one book for a week and students of XI and XII are allowed to take not more than two books. The students of class IV are allowed to read in the library only. Reference books, magazines and news papers are normally not issued to students. Teachers can issue books and magazines from the library for teaching as well as for reading. The junior library is used exclusively for classes I, II and III.


It is the language of Engineers. Drawing is the representation of thought of an engineer on a paper through the use of lines and curves. The most important reason for teaching of Engg. Graphics is its extensive use in field of technology, designing, engineering etc. Engg. Graphics is the universal language of engineers which depicts their ideas about an object and its translation into real life.

Creating an interest in the subject will help learners to express their ideas with skills and ability. Accuracy and speed in understanding and drawing also plays an important role.

This subject increases the creative power of a student which helps him/her to develop things and create new objects. An engineer is expected to have skills in the fields of imagination, drawing and reading of drawing which is also termed as interpretation. This develops the thinking capacity of the engineer and helps in generating new ideas in other fields also. The subject makes the student understand how the technical information is communicated to the industry.


Our school has a health centre. At this centre we provide health care, health education and medical check-up for every student including students of Pre-Primary. This centre has a senior Doctor and a Nurse catering to students during school timings. We have three beds, a wheel chair, a nebulizer and have basic medicines for first-aid. In case of any serious health problem, the student is taken to the nearest hospital and the parents are intimated.

St. Francis de Sales Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi