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Co-curricular Areas

Essential Co-curricular Areas


Mahatma Gandhi stated, "Those who do not train their hands, to go through the ordinary rut of education, lack music in their life." Work experience is a vital component at all stages in the school. It helps students to inculcate proper attitudes towards work, values, efficiency, habits and skills. Therefore, all students have to learn one or two of the following as per their aptitudes, as part of the work experience scheme, towards the realization of such goals as dignity of labour, self-reliance, accountability, consideration for others, co-operation and team work.

Classes 1-3 - Drawing and Craft

Classes 4-5 - Creative Art

Classes 6-12 - Home Science, Street Play, Western Music, Quiz Club, Paper Re-cycling, Language Lab, Computer Science and Commercial Art


Art Education deals with the training of students in human sensibility. The main purpose of art education is to sensitize the students toward aesthetic sensibility in objectification of reality and to understand the generalization. It trains the human sensibilities and brings out the human qualities of a person. It aims at providing children with an opportunity to create different forms of art, so that they are able to appreciate those created by others. The different forms of art we have are the following:

Classes 1-5 - Indian Music, Western Music, Folk Dance, Kathak, Drawing and Painting.

Classes 6-10 - Drawing, Indian Music, Western Music, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Creative Writing and Indian Instruments.

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