Periodic / Weekly Test – 1 (Session 2020-21)


1) Keep your Gmail Id and Password ready to access the form. (Use the same email id for all exams).

  • Siblings of different classes can use same email id, siblings in the same class have to use different email ids

2) Test Links will open class-wise at 07.55 AM on this page on respective exam days.

  • Click the link below based on your class, you will get a popup that has a link to attendance form. Make sure to fill the attendance form with correct information (Email, Name, Roll No, Admission No, Class and Section).
  • Post filling the attendance form, you will get a link for the test, from there you can proceed to the test. You have to enter your information (Email, Name, Roll No, Admission No, Class and Section) again before answering the questions.
  • Complete the test and submit your answers at 09.00 AM. Beyond 09.05 you can’t submit your answers.

Admission number should be entered only in numbers like “12345” not as “P12345 or p12345”

Make sure you have uninterrupted power supply keep your devices fully charged and keep it ready for the test.

In case of internet disconnection, reconnect and refresh the page. Don’t close the page.

Test link will be shared on your official class group on the day of exam at 07.55 AM.


  • A-4C, Janakpuri
    New Delhi- 110 058
  • Tel: 25551113/25510556

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