Creating cyber security awareness for students, teachers and parents

Visit www.isea.gov.in or www.infosecawareness.in

The Internet has become a useful resource for everyone and offers many helpful opportunities. With the introduction of new technologies, devices including smart phones/tablets and innovative applications on such devices, the usage of internet has increased dramatically. However, with increasing penetration and use of the internet, cyber-crime is emerging as a major challenge.

Looking at the growing importance for the Information Security, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has identified this as a critical area. Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) Project was formulated and launched by the Government of India. One of the activities under this Programme is to spread Information Security Awareness among children & women, teachers, home users, IT and non-IT professionals throughout the country.

As part of this activity C-DAC, Hyderabad has been preparing Information Security Awareness material, coordinating with Participating Institutes like IISc, IITs, NITs, IIITs etc. and other organizations in organizing the various Information Security Awareness events like seminars, workshops, creation & distribution of awareness material to schools and all citizens etc.

Therefore, parents are requested to visit www.isea.gov.in or www.infosecawareness.in (which has a lot of multimedia and multilingual material which are useful). Through these websites students, teachers and parents can get safety and security information and thus they can be safe while using the gadgets and Internet

Let us join hands to create a Cyber Secure Aware Nation.

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